About K & M

K&M Industrial, LLC A Professional Service Organization

K&M Industrial is a professional service organization dedicated to quality. We are an industrial re-builder with a full service on-site maintenance team.

We are a top quality rebuilder of IT/Marine and Commercial Industrial Pumps for government, pulp/paper, and municipal applications. We believe in offering the best in class, equipment, and replacement products.

We value our customers and back all rebuilds with our standard warranty.

What Does K&M Stand For?

K&M stands for King and Men.

The company’s founder, Josh King, has based his company principals on the great Milton Hershey: hoping to give his workers a better quality of life by creating good paying jobs that help build families and communities; which in turn helps the company provide quality products and services at solid prices, regardless of fluctuations within the economy.

As Milton Hershey proved by example: “Happy workers make better workers!”

Quality can only happen with a team of dedicated professionals working together to provide support and solutions.

Josh hopes that he, too, will see third-generation employees in his companies.

The more we can keep in the community, the happier and stronger the families will be. That, in turn, strengthens our company. Because,” as Josh says, “we are who we are due to who we have on board.

Quality Assurance Sets Us Apart

At K&M Industrial, we take the time to ensure all overhauled equipment is returned to a like new condition. We go the extra mile with our quality assurance testing standards.

We Use Quality Materials

Whether its pumps, hydraulics, crane service,
dockside, on-site or in-house;
K&M Industrial has a commitment to using top quality materials.

We proudly use:
John Crane®
mechanical seals

sealing equipment

sealing products

Link Seal®

Our warranty covers all parts and labor.