K&M Industrial, LLC is committed to providing top quality overhaul and rebuilding services.

We utilize a strict overhaul procedure to ensure optimal performance by returning equipment to the original manufacturer standards.

We offer quality assurance by following ASTM, NCSL, ASQ, and SSPC guidelines.

All of our test equipment is calibrated, certified, and traceable to NIST standards.

We provide support of the IT/Marine and Commercial Industrial line of pumps to the United States Coast Guard, United States Navy, Pulp/Paper Mills, as well as city municipalities and infrastructure.

OEM Performance Guarantee

We utilize genuine Original Equipment Manufactured parts whenever possible to help ensure all overhauled equipment is returned to a like new condition.

Standard Warranty Program

K&M Industrial has a standard warranty program committed to providing top quality rebuilding services to all of its customers.

Our strict overhaul and run test procedures follow a quality assurance checklist to ensure all rebuilds are returned to OEM specifications.

Our warranty covers all parts and labor.

Rest assured you’re in good hands!